• R. Lalique
  • Vase
  • 1926
  • 19.5 cm high
  • Perfect condition
  • Anthracite-coloured
  • SOLD

The name Yvelines is a reference to the forest of the same name. The department of Yvelines was created on 1 January 1968, by implementation of the law of 10 July 1964, based on the western part of the former department of Seine-et-Oise, which until then had department number 78. In November 1969, the communes of Châteaufort and Toussus-le-Noble were added to Yvelines. Initially, they were included in the new department of Essonne, also formed in 1968 from a part of Seine-et-Oise.

The name of the department was proposed by the poet Jehan Despert, inspired by the name of the old forest of Yveline, of which the current large forest area near Rambouillet is a remnant. It was in 1898 that René Lalique moved to the estate 'La Voisine' into Clairefontaine, which is located in the Rambouillet forest area. In the castle, Lalique had a room that looked directly onto the edge of the forest and where he saw the fauna of the area pass by. The deer-like figures in the handles are of course an allusion to that local fauna.

The ears or handles are attached to this vase by means of the 'application collées à chaud'. Lalique used this technique more often on designs with large protrusions. A vase like this one would cause too many demoulding problems in one piece. By heating the glass top compartments, both parts merged into one. Any residues were later annealed away. Due to molecular tension in glass, stress lines often occurred in the production process, resulting in a failure rate of this design of around 40%. The failed vases found their way back to the melting furnace.

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