• R. Lalique
  • Vase
  • 1926
  • 20,8 cm high
  • Perfect condition
  • Aquablue patina
  • € P.O.A.

The decor depicts a set of two females surounded with circles of flowers on a spherical shaped vase. The name refers to the 16th century french poet Pierre de Ronsard.

Ronsard, together with Du Bellay and some other poets, formed the group of the Pléiade (named after the seven stars). Despite their great interest in classical poetry, they prefer French over Latin for their poems. The poets of the Pléiade fought for the protection of the French language against Latin, which predominated through use in the church, and was also increasingly used by the humanists for the production of profane literature. The Pléiade, on the other hand, is committed to developing and supplementing French, with neologisms and loanwords from various French dialects, Italian, and also with corruptions of Latin words.

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