• R. Lalique

  • Vase

  • 20 cm high

  • Anthracite stained

  • Perfect condition

  • 1.950,-

As an evergreen plant, ivy was already the symbol of eternal life in ancient times. But also of fidelity, attachment, patriotism and perseverance of desire. This is because the plant attaches itself tightly and firmly to a wall, tree or grave monument. And later, in early Christian times, ivy leaves were depicted on sarcophagi and catacombs as a symbol of eternal attachment and eternal life. Though the body was dead, that soul lived on. A pious saying of Hohberg (1675) reads: 'The ivy winds itself high around an oak tree, no impetuous wind can tear it loose. If someone enjoys universal assistance, he soon rises up; no accident can harm him'.

The vase is blown in clear glass with the decorated part at the bottom matted and coloured with anthracite patina. The vase is still clear and in sublime condition.

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