Perfume bottle Ambre Antique

  • R. Lalique

  • Perfume bottle 
  • for Francois Coty
  • 1910
  • 15 cm high
  • Sepia stained
  • Perfect condition
  • SOLD

The name Ambre Antique is a direct reference to the colour sepia and the smell amber gris from ancient or classical Greek antiquity. The image represents a roundness of women in Greek robes, each in a different pose and holding a different flower. These flowers point directly to the origin of the fragrance and indirectly to its symbolic meaning such as connectedness and fidelity.

Because of the great interest in classical antiquity at that time, the colour sepia was very popular. As a result, this hue often appeared on the work of Lalique. The colour is a patina that is applied by hand to increase the relief. Patina is a mixture of turpentine oil, canola wax and a pigment. It could be applied cold without oven heating and gave the object the appearance of a manually finished product but without the lengthy and therefore costly process of enamelling.

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