• R. Lalique

  • Statue
  • 1925

  • 29 cm high

  • Frosted glass

  • Original rare bronze illuminated base

  • Perfect condition

  • Extreme rare
  • SOLD

This image is an image of Lalique's daughter Suzanne. Thai symbolises the woman who rules behind the scenes. She was a so-called Hetaere (Greek for friend) and accompanied Alexander the Great during his campaign in Persia (present-day Iran) in 330 B.C. Nowadays we translate the term 'hetaere' with 'groopie' or 'courtesan'. The illuminated base lights up the statue and functions as both decoration and table lamp.

Made of clear frosted glass on a bronze illuminated base. The bronze base is made using the so-called 'lost wax method' or 'cire-perdue' and is original. Image and bronze base are in sublime condition.

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