Narcisse Couché

  • R. Lalique
  • Mirror
  • 1913
  • c. 30 cm long
  • Perfect condition
  • 4.750,-

According to Greek mythology, Narcissus was the son of the river god Cephissus and naiad (water nymph) Liriope. One of the most famous stories about Narcissus is set around the talkative oreade (mountain nymph) Echo. Echo's eye fell on Narcissus one day. The mountain nymph fell madly in love with the young man, but she could not share her love with him. After all, she could only chat to him. Echo would clearly have been better off falling in love with someone else. From this narrative the phenomenon of 'narcissism' is rehearsed, a far-reaching love for 'the self' or for one's own person. The mirror symbolises the reflection of this. The etymology of the word 'mirror' goes back to its Latin origin of 'specere' meaning 'seeing'. The Dutch word 'cheat' is derived from this.
The mirror is made of clear frosted glass with a velvet back. The reflecting part (the mirror itself) is faceted. The hand mirror is in a sublime state.

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