• R. Lalique
  • Car mascotte
  • 24 cm high
  • Original metal frame included
  • Perfect condition
  • 3.750,-

In a number of cultures the falcon has symbolic meaning, which is usually related to the sun. The falcon symbolizes striving, victory, power, nobility, royal dignity, transcending all levels successively. In Egypt the falcon was the king of birds. The all-seeing god Horus was depicted as a falcon or as a man with a falcon's head. In ancient Persian culture he belonged to the god of light (sun).

Also in the Mythras religion he belonged to the god of light. In the Greco-Roman culture he was the messenger of Apollo; Kirke was always accompanied by a falcon. In the Celts he symbolises - opposite the sensual hare - the victory over the sensual stimuli. In Scandinavian mythology he has almost the same meaning as the eagle. In the Aztecs the falcon was the messenger of the gods. With the Incas it functioned as a heavenly guardian spirit.

Bouchon radiator' is the French term for a car mascot. It was almost always accompanied by a metal frame with light in it and adorned the front of a car bonnet. The statue lights up in the dark when the light frame is switched on. Around 1937 these glass ornaments were banned because they caused more damage during an accident (flying glass) than the accident itself. After that these mascots lived on exclusively as 'paperweight'.

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