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We sell and buy authentic art objects by René Lalique.

Dutch dealer of pre-war Lalique

René Lalique's art objects were already in great demand during his life, but in the Netherlands his work was not offered on the same scale as in neighbouring countries. As a result, much of Lalique's oeuvre was located abroad. As a result of years of efforts by the Lalique Gallery, a large part of that oeuvre is now also for sale in the Netherlands. We are one of the few dealers in the Netherlands that offer the pre-war work of René Lalique and contemporaries on this scale.


Lalique Gallery offers a wide range of vases, including rare versions and designs.

Perfume bottles

Perfume burner Sirènes

Perfume bottle Ambre d'Orsay

Perfume bottle Danseuses Egyptiennes

Lalique Gallery offers a wide range of perfume bottles and perfume burners.


Masque Vénitienne

Plaque de Cou

Georges Fouquet

Lalique Gallery offers a wide range of unique jewellery by René Lalique and his contemporaries.


Car mascotte Faucon

Mirror Narcisse Couché

Lalique Gallery offers a wide range of other art objects by René Lalique.

Collaboration Lalique Gallery with Lalique Museum Netherlands

The Lalique Gallery partly cooperates with the Dutch Lalique Museum and is located within the museum in a separate room. Part of the cooperation is the so-called 'loan agreement'. In this agreement, an object can be purchased from the Lalique Gallery for a purchase price, provided that the Lalique Museum is allowed to have the purchased object on loan once for a mutually agreed period of time.

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